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Ferry-Morse 1985 Organic Catgrass Seeds, Monida Oats
Your cats will love this! These organic oats sprout quickly and the cats will start playing and nibbling on them as soon as they sprout. This is a terrific way to bring the outdoors inside for your pet in the winter. A flat bottomed bowl or tray is suggested as all cats will enjoy lying in and eating this grass.

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Ferry-Morse 3004 Organic Basil Seeds, Genovese (250 Milligram Packet)
Annual Herb. This large leaf type originated in Italy where it was selected for its flavor in making pesto. These productive plants belong in every herb garden. Easy to grow.

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Ferry-Morse 3009 Organic Basil Seeds, Sweet (250 Milligram Packet)
(Organic) Annual Herb. The leaves of this attractive herb have spicy flavor which makes green salads, tomato and cheese dishes, soups and omelets extra delicious. The entire plant has a very pleasing aroma. Good companion for tomato plants.

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Ferry-Morse 3031 Organic Chive Seeds (840 Milligram Packet)
(Organic) Perennial Herb. The hollow, thin leaves have a delicate flavor much like very mild onions. Delicious in salads and for flavoring soups and omelets. Because of the plants attractive cloverlike blossoms, they are often used for edging flowerbeds. 

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Ferry-Morse 3034 Organic Chive Seeds, Garlic (Allium Tuberosum) (440 Milligram Packet)
(Organic) Perennial Herb. Distinguished by white ball-shaped flowers which grow in clusters above the tips on the spear-like flat leaves. Clip leaves for use as seasonings in salads, cheese & egg dishes, gravies and soups for a delicate onion or garlic flavor.

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Ferry-Morse 3039 Organic Cilantro Seeds (2.25 Gram Packet)
(Organic) Annual Herb. The plant is Cilantro while the seeds are Coriander. The leaves have a distinctive flavor and are used as a garnish in salads and soups. The seed is used in meat and seafood dishes, as well as a condiment for flavoring bread, cookies, and cakes. 

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Ferry-Morse 3088 Organic Oregano Seeds, Origanum Vulgare (150 Milligram Packet)
Perennial Herb. This bushy plant produces leaves that are an essential ingredient in Italian and Spanish dishes. Also used in salads, stews, stuffings, egg and cheese dishes, and with fish. Similar to Marjoram but with sharper fragrance and flavor.

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Ferry-Morse 3091 Organic Parsley Seeds, Moss Curled (1.25 Gram Packet)
(Organic) Biennial Herb. Highly decorative, both in the garden and for garnishing. Use leaves in salads, casseroles and omelets. Sweetens breath after eating onions or garlic. Parsley's flavor improves with successive cuttings.

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Ferry-Morse 3118 Organic Sage Seeds, Broad Leaf (960 Milligram Packet)
(Organic) Perennial Herb. The most popular of all hebs for seasoning because of its mildly pungent flavor and pleasant aroma. May be used fresh or dried in stuffing and in pork or cheese dishes. The attractive plant can be used for gray accents in the flower garden. 

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Ferry-Morse 3210 Organic Basil Seeds, Dark Opal Purple (200 Milligram Packet)
Annual Herb. An All-America winner. Distinctive, deep purple foliage, wonderful fragrance. Lovely in the flower garden or use in flavored vinegar, as a garnish, or in salads. Some plants may have green leaves.

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Ferry-Morse 3242 Organic Seed Collection, Herbs (4.82 Gram Packet)
This Ferry-Morse seed packet contains an organic herb collection which come ready to plant. Includes 1 each of Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Parsley, and Thyme seed packets.

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Ferry-Morse Organic Seeds 3050 Dill - Bouquet 1.6 Gram Packet
(Organic) Annual Herb. An easy-to-grow herb. Green or dried seed clusters are used primarily in making dill pickles. Fresh young leaves are used for flavoring salads, soups, meat and fish. The plant is highly aromatic and bears large, yellow flower heads. 

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Ferry-Morse Organic Seeds 3137 Thyme - Common (Thymus Vulgaris) 230 Milligram Packet
(Organic) Perennial Herb. The leaves have a marked, but agreeable, aroma and pungent flavor. They are used fresh or dried for seasoning clam chowder and other fish soups, as well as soups, stew, sauces and meat dishes. Thyme is noted for attracting bees. 

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