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Livingston Seed Co.: Flower Seeds: Portulaca Seeds
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Portulaca - Long Bloom Double Mix
Portulaca is a unique plant. Bearing blue-green leaves attached to slender red stems, Portulaca blooms in a wide range of bold, sunny colors. Our long bloom double mix produces rose-like ruffled double flowers that stay open for an extended time. A semi-succulent plant known for its tolerance to heat and poor soil.

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Portulaca Double Mix (A)
Wake up each morning to the opening of a new blossom. Also known as the sun plant, Portulaca is heat and drought tolerant. The Double Mix produces dozens of large luxurious blooms in a full range of spectacular color. Easy to grow and beautiful in any garden.

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Portulaca, Fully Double
Tender perennial in the deep south. Easy to grow hardy annual in the north. A festive carpet of fully double blossoms in shades of rose, salmon, pink, scarlet, orange, yellow and white cover narrow fleshy leaves. Thrives along driveways and in rock gardens. Also good in hanging baskets.

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Portulaca, Semi Double Mix
You can't beat Portulaca if you're looking for a colorful, low-growing plant or temporary ground cover. Bright, glossy, semi-double flowers in red, pink, yellow and coral form a carpet of color over attractive, spreading platns with fat needle leaves.

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Ferry-Morse Annual Flower Seeds 1095 Moss Rose - Double Mixed Colors
Half Hardy Annual. Ruffled, rose-like blooms in a vivid mix of delightful shades of rose, crimson, white, salmon and yellow. Appear delicate, but are extremely tough. Requires little moisture.

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Burpee 31484 Portulaca Magic Carpet Mix Seed Packet
Bright, colorful plants for hot, dry places in your garden. Sow outdoors after last frost, or start indoors 4-6 weeks earlier. Space 6-8" apart.

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