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Seed Savers: Vegetable Seeds: Radish Seeds
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Seed Savers Early Scarlet Globe Radish Seeds

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Seed Savers Organic Philadelphia White Box Radish Seeds
Historic radish listed in 1938 by D. Landreth Seed Company, the oldest seed house in the U.S., established in 1784. A dependable variety for open cultivation or forcing in boxes. Spicy flavor. Sow in early spring or early fall. 30 days.

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Seed Savers Plum Purple Radish Seeds
†Released by the Alf Christianson Seed Company, 1985. Unique deep purple round roots. Firm white flesh is sweet and mild all season long and never pithy. Hardy and adaptable. Exceptional variety for the novelty market and also for the home gardener. 25-30 days.

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Seed Savers Helios Radish Seeds
Named for the Greek god of the sun. Pale yellow sweet spring radish with white flesh. Similar to the Small Early Yellow Turnip Radish described in Vilmorinís The Vegetable Garden (1885). 30-35 days.

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Seed Savers Cincinnati Market Radish Seeds
(aka Long Scarlet) Heirloom described in Vilmorinís The Vegetable Garden (1885); now becoming scarce. Deep red radishes are 6" long and tapered. Flesh is tender, crisp, and mild. Medium tops are good for bunching. 25-30 days.

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Seed Savers Watermelon Radish Seeds
(aka Roseheart, Chinese Red Meat) Round 2-4" white radish with a stunning dark pink and white interior. Flesh is surprisingly sweet, crisp, and refreshing. Best grown in cool weather. Warm days, cool nights, and adequate nutrition and moisture result in a more colorful interior. 50-60 days.

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Seed Savers Organic French Breakfast Radish Seeds
(aka Radis Demi-long Rose a Bout Blanc) A very early market garden radish of French origin. Listed by James J. H. Gregory of Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1875. Oblong and blunt, rose scarlet with a white tip. White crisp flesh with a mildly pungent flavor. Sow in the spring or fall and pick when small. 20-30 days.

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Seed Savers Rat Tailed Radish Seeds
Native to South Asia. Grown for the crisp, pungent, edible seedpods (up to 6 inches long) and not for the roots. Pods should be gathered before fully mature and eaten raw, pickled, or chopped in salads. 50 days.

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