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"Long Island Improved" Brussels Sprout Seed
Forget what you thought about Brussels sprouts as a child or the sprouts you've bought from the grocery store. They just can't compare to those picked fresh from the garden. An heirloom variety grown since the 1890's, Long Island is still the most popular variety grown today. Each little sprout is like a tiny cabbage with nutty sweet flavor.

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Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved
A delicious vegetable for fall and winter use. The edible parts are the numerous small heads which form on the stalk. Have a mild cabbage-like flavor, but are more tender and tasty.

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Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
Brussel Sprouts are an excellent source of nutrition, and they are particularly easy to grow. Our Long Island Improved variety provides sprouts that are large and easy to harvest. A cool weather crop, Brussel Sprouts can stand a freeze, and often are the most delicious when they are mature after the first fall frost. Good freezing variety.

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Ferry-Morse Seeds 1237 Brussels Sprouts - Catskill
Cabbage-like flavor abounds from numerous tender, small heads - 1 to 2 inches across - mature in succession on strong stalks. Easy to pick. High in vitamin C and low in calories. This packet will produce more than 45 plants. 

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Ferry-Morse Seeds 2031 Brussels Sprouts - Catskill 1.7 Gram Packet
Cabbage-like flavor abounds from numerous tender, small heads - 1 to 2 inches across - which mature in succession on strong stalks. Easy to pick. High in Vitamin C and low in calories. This packet will produce more than 45 plants.

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Burpee 60053 Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved Seed Packet
90 days. The semi-dwarf plants are stocky with leaves closely spaced,so there are lots of tasty sprouts on the short,self-supporting stems.

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Pagano 3906 Brussels Sprouts Seed Packet
Variety with long, stem that produces many miniature cabbages, as bug as a nut, which cooked in various ways are very tasty.

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Seed Savers Long Island Improved Brussels Sprout Seeds
 Introduced in the 1890s. Once the most important commercial sprout variety in the US. Compact 24" plants yield 50-100 dark green 1˝" sprouts over an extended period. 80-115 days from transplant.

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