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Seed Savers Organic British Wonder Pea Seeds
A large-podded dwarf pea of good quality and yield. Introduced in England by Taber and Cullen circa 1890; W. Atlee Burpee introduced it in America in 1904. Probably a selection from American Wonder. Short vines grow 3' tall and require trellising. Shell, 50-55 days.

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Seed Savers Tom Thumb Pea Seeds
Originated in England and introduced in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century. There are several peas in the history of this type variety; over time further reductions in height and advances in earliness were achieved. At 8" tall this is the best dwarf pea for container gardening. Plants are able to withstand hard frosts. Shell, 50-55 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Blauwschokkers Blue Podded Pea Seeds
(aka Blauwschokkers) Productive Dutch strain. Soup peas have been enjoyed as a winter staple in Europe for centuries. Spectacular 5-6' tall plants are beautiful enough to grow as an ornamental. Soak dry seeds overnight before cooking. Soup, 80-85 days.

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Seed Savers Champion of England Pea Seeds
1840s heirloom from the family of Robert Woodbridge, brought to SSE by Ben Gabel and Kate McEvoy. Robert’s grandmother got the seed “from the head gardener at a big country house during the war” and grew it in her garden in the village of Pickworth, Lincolnshire, England. A traditional tall pea that reaches heights of 10 feet—a great return for a small space. Eight to ten peas per pod. Shell, 60-75 days.

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Seed Savers Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea Seeds
Described by D. M. Ferry & Co. in 1892. Broad pale green 3-4" pods are stringless and free of fiber, well suited for steaming or stir-fry. Beautiful purple bi-colored blossoms. Vines grow 24-30" and do not require staking, quite prolific. Edible podded, 60 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Golden Sweet Edible Podded Pea Seeds
Collected at a market in India. Tall 6’ plants with beautiful bi-colored purple flowers and bright lemon-yellow pods. Best eaten when small, excellent for stir-fry. Seeds are tan with purple flecks, can be dried and added to soups. One of the few yellow edible podded peas in SSE’s collection of 1,200 peas. Edible podded, 60-70 days.

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Seed Savers Amish Snap Pea Seeds
Superb snap pea reportedly grown in the Amish community long before present snap pea types. Vines grow 5-6' tall and are covered in 2" translucent green pods. Yields over a 6-week period if kept picked. Delicate and sweet even when the seeds develop. Snap, 60-70 days.

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Seed Savers Sutton's Harbinger Pea Seeds
English introduction by Suttons Seeds in 1898; won an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1901. Very early heavy-cropping variety. Excellent quality eating pea. Plants are 28-32" tall. Shell, 52-60 days.

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