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Ferry-Morse: Vegetable Seeds: Lima Bean Seeds
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Ferry-Morse 1789 Bean Seeds, Lima Henderson Bush
One of the mostly widely used Lima Bean! Very productive. Beans are buttery-tender with appetizing flavor. Flat pods are about 3 inches long. Excellent for shell beans and dried beans. High in vitamins A, B and C.

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Ferry-Morse 1434 Bean Seeds, Fordhook Bush
An All-American Selection! The plump pods, about 4 inches long, are very easy to shell. Superior flavor. Perfect for tender shell beans and for dried beans. High in vitamins A, B, and C. This packet will plant approximately a 4 foot row.

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Burpee 61755 Bean, Bush Lima Burpee's Improved Seed Packet
Easy-to-shell pods, 5˝" long, contain 4-5 large oval, flat beans. Bush-type. SOW in average soil in full sun after danger of frost, spring to early summer. In rows 18-30" apart, sow seeds about 3" apart and cover with 2" of fine soil. Firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Seedlings emerge in 7-14 days.

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Bean Fordhook 242 Bush Lima
Exceptional yield. Most reliable of the bush varieties with large greenish-white seeds, large flat pods. 3-4 beans per pod. 16-20" plants. Plants are sturdy and erect. Maturity at 75 days.

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Bean Henderson Lima (Butter)
Compact, productive plants. The pods themselves are not generally eaten. Small, flat green when fresh, white when dry. Thinning is not necessary. Beans do not tolerate cool wet soil.

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Bean Speckled Dixie Lima (Butter)
Southern adapted sets well in hot weather, very productive under hot, dry conditions. Vigorous, bushy 18-24" medium dark green plants, good in drought areas. Each pod produces 3-4 nearly round brownish-red lima beans speckled with dark brown. Excellent flavor.

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Bush Lima Bean - Fordhook 242
The Fordhook 242 Lima produces better than pther Fordhook varieties. It is also popular because of its tolerance to hot, dry weather. Tasty fresh, canned or frozen makes Fordhook 242 our favorite lima bean.

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Bush Lima Bean - Henderson's Baby
The delicious buttery flavor and smooth texture of Henderson Baby Lima Bean can be eaten fresh or dried. Great for freezing or canning! This is an extra early variety that can be planted both spring and mid-summer for an autum harvest.

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Burpee 65359 Bean, Bush Lima Fordhook 242 Seed Packet
Bush varieties mature earlier than pole limas and don't need support. 2 oz. of seed per packet, which will sow a 15 ft row; one lb., 120 ft. Fordhook(reg) No. 242. 75 days. All-America Winner. Heat-resistant plants thrive in adverse conditions. Heavy yields of 4" pods, with 3-5 large beans each. Excellent for freezing. Burpee Bred. Proven tops for productivity, flavor and wide adaptability.

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Seed Savers Christmas Lima Bean Seeds
 (aka Large Speckled Calico) First cultivated in the U.S. around 1840. Produces beautiful quarter-sized flat white seeds with maroon spots and swirls. Rich flavor, can be used as both a shell lima or dry. Heavy yields, bears even during extreme heat. Pole habit, 75-100 days.

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Seed Savers Henderson Lima Bean Seeds
(aka Dwarf Sieva) Introduced in 1889 by Peter Henderson Company of New York. A dwarf lima that is very early, hardy, productive, and disease resistant. Produces small creamy white limas for the home gardener and canner that are distinct in color and excellent in quality. Desirable and dependable in adverse conditions. Bush habit, 60-75 days.

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