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"Tiny Tim" Sweet Alyssum Seeds
Tiny Tim is a much superior variety than Carpet of Snow - it is dense, compact never needs to be sheared, and doesn't get "leggy". White flowers make this low ground cover a delight.

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"Covent Garden" Baby's Breath Seeds
These dazzling white flowers make an airy graceful accent to roses or other brightly colored flowers in the garden. They are 6 - 18" tall, depending on growing conditions and do best in full sun.

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"White Lace" Bishops Flower Seeds
This delicate white flower will lend a lacy, airy look to your garden. A much sought after cut flower. If you want the wonderful look of Queen Anne's Lace, try Bishops Flower! (NOTE: Bishops Flower IS NOT the noxious weed Dacus carota - Queen Anne's Lace - outlawed in many states.)

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"Alaska" Shasta Daisy Seeds
Large 3-5" bright white daisies. Long blooming period of 90-120 days. Hardy addition to flower beds, borders, or large containers. Excellent cut flower.

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"Angel's Trumpet" Datura Seeds
Exotic 6 trumpet-shaped blooms that are white and tinged with lilac. Sweet citrus scent is strongest in the evening after the flowers open.

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"Butterfly Gaura" Seeds
This showy 3'-5' tall North America native has loose sprays of sparkling white flowers (some may be tinged with a pink blush) that float in the air like delicate butterflies during the day and almost seem to glow in the evening light.

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Moonflower Seeds
Deliciously fragrant with large heart-shaped leaves. Plant this fast growing vine on the front porch, deck, patio, or under a window where you can enjoy its evening performance and heady fragrance.

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"Flying Saucer" Morning Glory Seeds
A sister of 'Heavenly Blue', this vigorous morning glory is crystal white with radiating sky blue stripes. Flowers open in the cool of morning.

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"White Swan" Echinacea Seeds
White Swan is the perfect name for this graceful Echinacea. It is a natural selection from white-flowered variations of the common purple Echinacea.

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"Indian Peace Pipe" Nicotiana Seeds
Bold, dramatic plant with 3 trumpet-shaped hanging white flowers that exude an unbelievably sweet scent at night.

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"White Linen" California Poppy Seeds
Solid white silky saucer-shaped flowers that look dramatic in mass plantings and wildflower areas. White Linen's paper-like Petals truly look as fresh as clean linen!

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"Vanilla Ice" Sunflower Seeds
A florist quality sunflower described as 'creamy', 'soft yellow', or 'off-white'. This is the perfect companion to your pastel flowers that would be overwhelmed by the hot colors of other sunflowers.

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"High Scent" Sweet Pea Seeds
We haven't yet found a sweet pea with a more delicious and intoxicating scent! Even a single stem fills the air with a sweet, fresh fragrance.

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"White Elegance" Sweet Pea Seeds
White Elegance is the earliest blooming sweet pea with the longest bloom period. With this snow-white, large-flowered, long-stemmed multiflora, Southern gardeners may have blooms in winter from a fall planting! Northern gardeners will also enjoy the early and extended bloom period.

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