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Organic Clary Sage Seeds
The fountains of 3' tall dramatic flower stems with pale lilac 1 long tubular flowers and very prominent rose-red bracts appear in mid-summer and last through early fall. This beautiful plant has a unique balsam-like fragrance and has many herbal uses.

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"Broadleaf" Organic Sage Seeds
This semi-woody shrub with grey-green foliage grows to 1'-2' tall and gets purple/blue flowers. Often grown for its ornamental beauty.

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Ferry-Morse 3118 Organic Sage Seeds, Broad Leaf (960 Milligram Packet)
(Organic) Perennial Herb. The most popular of all hebs for seasoning because of its mildly pungent flavor and pleasant aroma. May be used fresh or dried in stuffing and in pork or cheese dishes. The attractive plant can be used for gray accents in the flower garden. 

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Organic Sweet Marjoram
Popular, tender perennial is an attractive container and border plant with leaves that have a sweet and spicy smell and flavor. Grows 1-2' tall. Pale green leaves with white or purplish flowers producing seed clusters like knots.

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Organic Thyme
Extremely popular perennial herb with leaves that have a strong, clove lik smell and flavor. Excellent fresh or dry, with chowders, sauces, seafood, stuffing, soups, meat and poultry. Grows 6-12" tall. Strong erect plants are useful ground cover in hot area.

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Ferry-Morse Organic Seeds 3137 Thyme - Common (Thymus Vulgaris) 230 Milligram Packet
(Organic) Perennial Herb. The leaves have a marked, but agreeable, aroma and pungent flavor. They are used fresh or dried for seasoning clam chowder and other fish soups, as well as soups, stew, sauces and meat dishes. Thyme is noted for attracting bees. 

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Burpee 60778 Organic Herb Thyme Seed Packet
Aromatic leaves season clam chowder, herb butters, flavored vinegar, meats poultry, stews, sauces, soups and dressings. Perennial, zones 5-9. Ht. 6-12".

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"Common English" Organic Thyme Seeds
This is the herb for cooks who don't know which herb to use. Thyme will go with almost anything!

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Stevia Organic
Now you can grow your own calorie-free, carbohydrate-free, low-glycemic sweetener at home! Stevia is up to 300 times as sweet as sugar, so a little goes a long way. Some say the leaves have a licorice aftertaste, which may be a bonus if you love the flavor.

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Ferry-Morse 3242 Organic Seed Collection, Herbs (4.82 Gram Packet)
This Ferry-Morse seed packet contains an organic herb collection which come ready to plant. Includes 1 each of Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Parsley, and Thyme seed packets.

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Honeyman Farms Basil Genovese Organic Seed Packet

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Honeyman Farms Basil Sweet Organic Seed Packet

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Honeyman Farms Basil Thai Organic Seed Packet

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Honeyman Farms Organic Common Oregano Seeds
Oregano is an important culinary herb. It's the leaves that are used in cooking and the dried herb is often more flavorful than if it were fresh. Known to enhance Italian dishes, oregano is also an accent in vegetable, egg, and meat dishes. Very aromatic.

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Seed Savers Organic Genovese Basil Seeds
The classic large-leaved Italian sweet basil prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. Fragrant plants grow 18-24". This is the variety of choice for pesto. Annual.

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Seed Savers Organic Florence Fennel Seeds
Called Finnocchio in Italy. Broad overlapping leaf bases form large bulb-like enlargements at the base of the stem. Celery-like stalks need a steady supply of water and have mild licorice flavor. Feathery dill-like leaves. Plants grow to 3' tall. Tender perennial grown as an annual.

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