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Gardening Tools: Garden Scissors
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ARS Traditional Trimming Shears
Superior quality garden shears, these are traditionally used for pruning and thinning pine.

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ARS 320 Series Cultivation Scissors

ARS 320 Series Cultivation Scissors
The slim blades are razor sharp and make it possible to pick fruit and remove culls in even the most crowded situations. Available in carbon steel or stainless steel blades, straight or angled.

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ARS Serrated Edge Scissors
These versatile scissors are perfect for cutting tough material such as vines, ropes, small branches and stems.

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ARS SS-350 Series Garden & Metal Snips
These versatile scissors are perfect for cutting tough material such as garden wire, thin metal plates, tough vines, and difficult gardening applications.

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ARS FL Series Floral Shears
These floral scissors feature stainless steel blades for long-term operation in and around water and a superior cutting edge with comfortable handles and rubber cushions for continued use in professional applications. Available in 2 blade lengths.

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ARS GT By-Pass Floral Shears
GT Bypass floral shears feature a curved blade that holds thin or thicker round flower stems in place for easy cuts.

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ARS Curved Blade Scissors
Designed for all around garden cutting, these shears have a curved blade to cut small branches and twigs for precise pruning.

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