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DeWit: Gardening Tools: Paver Brick Cleaners and Patio Knives
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DeWit Dutch Patio Paver Cleaner
Clean out between bricks and other narrow spaces easily. Two shaped Vs for different size beveled edges on pavers.

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Worth Classic Patio Knife
Classic tools have a timeless, sleek design. Made from hardwood ash handles and heat treated carbon steel heads.

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Worth Patio Knife
Remove weeds, moss or other matter from cracks and crevices in patios, paths, sidewalks, rock gardens, tile and concrete joints with this specially designed tool.

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DeWit Dutch Patio Knife
Use this tool to remove weeds from in between paths, sidewalks, rock gardens, tile and concrete joints. Total length: 10"

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DeWit Bio V-Groove Weeder
The V-Groove Weeder easily cleans out between pavers and other narrow spaces and also works as a one-tine cultivator.

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