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Honeyman Farms: For Cat Lovers: Catnip Seeds
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Honeyman Farms Catnip Seed Packet
Catnip is a leafy herb mostly known for the behavioral effect it has on cats. When exposed, half to two-thirds of cats become playful, affectionate, or sleepy.

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Honeyman Farms Catnip Organic Seed Packet

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Ferry-Morse Herb Seeds 1258 Catnip 500 Milligram Packet
Perennial Herb. This plant, which is one of the mint family, takes its name because of its particular attraction for cats. Young leaves and shoots also impart lemony-mintness to everyday cooking and to catnip tea. Can also be grown for bee forage.

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Burpee 55798 Herb Catnip Seed Packet
Favorite of cats. Green leaves are good for tea. Zones 3-9. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost.

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This perennial is famous for the way it delights cats, attracts birds and bees, and flavors teas. Leaf aroma makes cats kittenish and playful.

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Catnip (P)
Catnip can be used for ornamental and culinary purposes. Catnip has a minty, lemon taste. Cats love it!

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Pagano 3908 Cat Mint (Erba Gatto) Seed Packet
Perennial, 80-100 cm high, with oval leaves, green on top and lighter underside. Whitish flower in July-August. The leaves can be used to give flavor to roast meat and sauces. Catmint tea has a calmative effect and stimulates the digestion.

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Seed Savers Organic Catnip Seeds
First grown in America in the late 1700s. Euphoric effect for cats. Makes a tasty herbal tea for humans. Bushy plants spread 2-3' when mature. Very drought-tolerant once plants are established. Perennial in zones 3-9.

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