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Organic Pumpkin Big Max
Plant after danger of frost in a sunny area. Pumpkins need room, so give these giants 8-12' each way between hills. Water well. Thin to 2 best plants per hill. For real giants plant in pure compost and remove all fruit but 1 closest to the main stem.

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Burpee 64184 Organic Pumpkin Small Sugar Seed Packet
An older, smaller variety of the Connecticut Field pumpkin, Small Sugar is even better for pies. When Mr. Burpee offered it in 1887 he said: 'A very prolific and handsome little pumpkin; usual size about 10" in diameter; skin is a deep orange-yellow. It is very fine-grained, sweet and sugary, and keeps well.'

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Ferry-Morse 3107 Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Big Max
(Organic) Huge, round to flattened-round, pinkish-orange fruits. Can reach 6 feet in diameter and 100 pounds or more. Excellent for prize pumpkins! This packet will plant approximately 3 hills. 

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