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Botanical Interests: Pumpkin Seeds: White & Blue Pumpkin Seeds
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"Lumina White" Pumpkin Seeds
This ghostly white pumpkin with smooth skin is wonderful for carving and painting. With its pale surface, it will almost seem to glow in the moonlight or from the reflection of the porch lights from neighboring houses!

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Pumpkin - Casper
Casper is just right for painting and carving and makes decorating easy. Fruits weigh 10-12 lbs and measure 8-10" across. Orange flesh is rich in beta carotene. Perfect for pies, breads and soups.

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Pumpkin Casper (White)
Casper, a white skinned ornamental pumpkin with thick orange flesh of excellent eating quality. Grows 8-12" in diameter, 10-16 lbs. Casper's skin has less bluing than many other whites. The handle is tan with a corky texture.

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Ferry-Morse Seeds 1810 Pumpkin - Casper
Loaded with beta-carotene, the bright orange flesh is perfect for soups, pies or bread. You can also put a spooky twist in Halloween fun this year with a white jack-o'lantern. This 10 to 12 pound, naturally white pumkin is excellent for carving or painting. Pumpkins average 8 to 10 inches across and store well.

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Pumpkin - Baby Boo
Baby Boo is a cute, miniature, white pumpkin guaranteed to make your Halloween spookier!

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"Jarrahdale" Pumpkin Seeds
The Jarrahdale pumpkin may look like it escaped from a Harry Potter movie set, but it is actually an Australian heirloom! These gorgeous pumpkins will dazzle you with their deeply ribbed drum shape and silvery bluish-grey color.

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Pumpkin - Jaradale
Want a new fall novelty? Try our Jaradale Pumpkin. Delicate soft blue skin makes this pumpkin unique. Not only is the Jaradale decorative, it is also a delicious kitchen garden addition. Produces 6-10 pound fruits that can be baked, mashed, roasted or broiled.

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Seed Savers Queensland Blue Squash Seeds
An “Australian Blue” squash directly imported into the United States in 1932 from Arthur Yates and Company of Sydney. Dark blue-green ribbed rind with flesh that is meaty, sugary, brilliant orange, and abundant. Striking gray foliage.

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