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Livingston Seed Co.: Edible Flowers: Viola Seeds
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Johnny Jump Up (P)
Create a carpet of color with Johnny Jump Up. A compact variety with vibrant blooms of deep purple and yellow. Good companion for spring bulbs and pansies. Attractive around the base of trees, flower beds, containers and borders.

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Viola - Lavender Yellow Face
You can rely on Skippy Lavender Yellow Face Viola to capture your attention with its abundance of picture-perfect blooms. Whether growing in containers, window boxes, or in your flower garden, Skippy Viola has beauty and exquisite charm. Viola flowers grow in mounds and look very impressive when planted in groups.

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Viola - Lemon Blue Wing
Erlyn Lemon Blue Wing Viola is a trailing Viola, very well-suited for hanging baskets and planters. The erect tricolor blooms add a sunny splash as a spreading groundcover. This is definitely a fantastic choice for anyone who wants bright flowers in the garden.

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Viola, Johnny Jump Up
Multicolored blooms of yellow, white, blue and purple. This is a woodland violet that blooms in spring and even into fall, bearing small pansy-like flowers of outstanding beauty and fragrance. In warm climates it is planted for winter blooms.

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Burpee 21683 Heirloom Viola Johnny-Jump-Up Seed Packet
HEIRLOOM. Very winter hardy and eager to self-sow in the shade of summer plants, violas are cheerful surprises in the cool months. Delicately fragrant flowers are edible and make delightful garnishes. Blackjack. Deep velvety purple. Johnny-jump-up. Dark purple with yellow blotch.

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Burpee 21687 Viola Helen Mount Seed Packet
Miniature tricolor flowers are lovely in beds, edgings & containers. Perennial, zones 5-9. Sow outdoors in full sun to part shade in early spring in the North, in fall in the South. Sow seeds evenly about 6" apart and cover with 1/4" of fine soil. Firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Seedlings emerge in 7-14 days. Blooms in spring, summer.

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Ferry-Morse 1168 Viola Perennial Flower Seeds, Cornuta Mixed Colors
Perennial. Charming, small flowers in jewel-like shades of scarlet, yellow, apricot, blue, violet and white. This "Tufted Pansy" blooms profusely over a long period and withstands heat and cold better than ordinary Pansies.

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Ferry-Morse Perennial Flower Seeds 1068 Johnny Jump-Up (Helen Mount)
Gorgeous, miniature, pansy-like flowers in a combination of lavender, violet and canary yellow.

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