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Seed Savers Merveille des Quatre Saison Lettuce Seeds
 (aka Marvel of Four Seasons) French heirloom described in Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden (1885). Pretty reddish bibb-type rosette with a crisp texture and excellent flavor. Does well in all sorts of climates and can withstand heat. The dark red color develops best in cool spring or autumn weather. Butterhead, 60 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Tennis Ball Lettuce Seeds
Small rosettes of light green leaves measure only 7" in diameter and form loose, tender heads. Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. According to Heirloom Vegetable Gardening by SSE member William Woys Weaver, tennis ball lettuces were often pickled in salt brine during the 17th and 18th centuries. Black-seeded. Butterhead, 50 days.

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Seed Savers Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce Seeds
Red-tinged leaves form loose heads that can measure up to 12" across. Cutting the head in half exposes solid green interior leaves and an almost white center. Excellent mild flavor, one of our most popular lettuces. Butterhead, 55 days.

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Seed Savers Susan's Red Bibb Lettuce Seeds
Curled and blistered leaf edges are tinged with red, and leaf centers are dark lime-green. Moderately wide mid-ribs. Mild flavor. Upright growth habit. Looseleaf, 50-60 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Mantilia Lettuce Seeds
Large chartreuse butterhead introduced to the seed trade by Renee Shepherd. First offered in the 2005 SSE Yearbook by Margaret Lauterbach of Boise, Idaho. Scored in the top ten in SSE’s 2010 lettuce tasting of over 70 varieties. Mild, tender, and sweet. Slow to bolt. Butterhead, 65 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Grandpa Admire's Lettuce Seeds
In 1977, 90-year-old Chloe Lowry gave this family heirloom to SSE. It is named after her grandfather, George Admire, who was a Civil War veteran. Bronze-tinged leaves form large, loose heads. Mild flavor, slow to bolt, even in extreme heat. Butterhead, 60 days.

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Seed Savers Red Leprechaun Lettuce Seeds
Shiny dark purple savoyed leaves with a distinct pink center rib. Good flavor with a slight bite. Crisp, blanched hearts. Mature heads can weigh more than one pound. Romaine, 60 days.

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Seed Savers Sanguine Ameliore Lettuce Seeds
Rare French variety introduced in 1906 by C.C. Morse & Co. as Strawberry Cabbage Lettuce. Stunning sanguine or blood red speckles. Plants average 8" in diameter. Tender texture and excellent quality.

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Seed Savers Organic Bunte Forellenschluss Lettuce Seeds
The butterhead companion to the Forellenschluss romaine. “Bunte” means “colorful” in German. Sweet apple-green leaves splashed with maroon, forms a loose 8-10" head. Butterhead, 40-55 days.

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