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Seed Savers Reine des Glaces Lettuce Seeds
(aka Ice Queen) Slow-bolting variety that is ideal for summer plantings. Dark green lacy leaves stay crisp even on hot days. Medium to dark green crisp heart. Use as a leaf lettuce after heads are cut. Crisphead, 62 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Webb's Wonderful Lettuce Seeds
English lettuce that stands well in heat. Very large and robust heads with crumpled leaves. Fine distinct flavor and good texture. Slow to bolt, holds well at market stage. Recommended for planting in the South. Crisphead, 65-70 days.

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Seed Savers Red Iceberg Lettuce Seeds
A gorgeous iceberg lettuce, rarely offered. Fairly tight, 16” wide heads hold well without bolting. Pleasing mild flavor. Crisphead, 70-80 days.

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Seed Savers Pablo Lettuce Seeds
Loose heads form beautiful upright rosettes. Wavy edged flat leaves are unusually wide, sometimes encircling half the head. Good texture, excellent mild flavor. Very slow to bolt. Crisphead, 60-80 days.

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