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Pagano 8016 Melon (Melone) Oro Golden Amarillo Seed Packet
Oval fruit with a smooth, yellow colored skin and a white pulp.  They are to be kept hanging on, in order to be consumed during Winter.

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Burpee 51649 Heirloom Melon Vedrantais Seed Packet
A delicious Charentais-type melon that originated in Italy, achieved full popularity in France and is now a favorite with American gourmet gardeners. The melon, with blue-green skin that matures to salmon-orange, has sweet, fragrant orange flesh. Ready to harvest in about 80 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Ha'Ogen Melon Seeds
Although most likely of Hungarian descent, this gorgeous melon is generally identified with Kibbutz Ha’Ogen in Israel. Ha’Ogen is Hebrew for “the anchor.” A true cantaloupe with superbly sweet and spicy green flesh. Round fruits weigh 3-4 pounds with yellow-orange rind and shallow green sutures. 75-80 days.

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Seed Savers Bidwell Casaba Melon Seeds
This melon hails from Chico, California. Grown by John Bidwell (1819-1900), a Civil War General and U.S. Senator who procured his stock seed from the USDA in 1869. Amy Goldman, author of Melons for the Passionate Grower, says the flesh “tastes like heavenly orange sherbet.” An enormous melon—14" long by 9" wide and weighing 16 pounds. So big you won’t believe it’s real! 90-95 days.

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Seed Savers Tigger Melon Seeds
Armenian heirloom. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company brought this stunning variety to our attention. Vibrant yellow fruits with dark orange zigzag stripes. The fragrance is heavenly and the fruit similar to Queen Anne’s Pocket Melon. However, Tigger is heavier (about 1 pound), and the white flesh is mildly sweet. Ornamental, for specialty markets. 85 days.

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Seed Savers Healy's Pride Melon Seeds
Introduced in 1952 by Elmer James Healy of St. Francisville, Illinois. Large heavily netted melons weigh up to 10 pounds. Sweet old-time muskmelon flavor. SSE is pleased to reintroduce this great melon back into the seed trade. 80-85 days.

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Seed Savers Collective Farmwoman Melon Seeds
Ukrainian heirloom. Original source was a woman from a collective farm. Seed was obtained by Moscow seedswoman Marina Danilenko and then introduced by SSE to American gardeners in 1993. Crunchy and sweet winter melon with a long shelf life. Small two-pound melons turn golden when ripe. 80-85 days.

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Seed Savers Early Hanover Melon Seeds
(aka Extra Early Hanover) One of the earliest muskmelons. Introduced in 1895 by T. W. Woods & Sons of Richmond, Virginia. Reportedly attained immense popularity in that region. Sweet, soft, juicy flesh can be eaten right down to the rind. Produces large quantities of 2-3 pound melons, 5" long by 6" diameter. 70-85 days.

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Seed Savers Queen Anne's Pocket Melon Seeds
 (aka Plum Granny, Dudaim Melon) Has enchanted melon fanciers for centuries: gives off an unforgettable perfume. Victorian women carried these tiny melons in their pockets in the days before aerosol deodorants. Velvety skin has jagged orange and yellow stripes; thin white flesh is edible but bland. Early and prolific. 80-90 days.

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Seed Savers Banana Melon Seeds
According to The Vegetables of New York (1937), this variety has been listed as a novelty almost as long as American seed catalogs have been popular. Long banana-shaped fruits are tapered at both ends and grow up to 24" long. Smooth yellow skin occasionally develops sparse netting. Salmon pink flesh with a sweet spicy flavor and pineapple aroma. 80-100 days.

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Seed Savers Boule d'or Melon Seeds
(aka Golden Perfection) Famous French melon listed by Vilmorin in 1885. Sweet smooth winter melon with a hard rind. Pale green flesh is an absolute delight. Fruits will keep for several weeks if kept cool and dry. Very hard to find. 95-110 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Green Nutmeg Melon Seeds
Belongs to a class of muskmelons known as “nutmeg” due to its shape, netting, and aroma; one of the oldest types grown in America. In 1863 Fearing Burr, Jr. described Green Nutmeg as one of 12 varieties suitable for the garden. High yields of melons that weigh 2-3 pounds, very reliable year after year. Wonderful aroma and sweet flavor. 80 days.

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Kitazawa Round Winter Melon Seeds
This large melon is grown for its thick, white, sweet flesh. When ripe, the rind is covered with a waxy white coating that protects the fruit for long periods in storage.

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Kitazawa Oblong Winter Melon Seeds
Grown for its thick, white melon flesh, and the wax gourd can reach 20 pounds and 12" long. The light green skin is covered with very fine hair and will form a white powder when ripe.

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