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Kitazawa: Fruit & Melon Seeds: Bitter Melon Seeds
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Kitazawa Green Skin Bitter Melon Seeds
This is an excellent open pollinated Chinese bitter gourd that produces fruit 8-10" long and 3" in diameter. It has green skin with large smooth warts. The leaves and leafy shoots are also edible.

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Kitazawa Futo-Spindle Bitter Melon Seeds
This Japanese variety is an easy and vigorous grower. The large climbing vine produces yellow flowers and 6-8" dark green fruits with heavily warted skin. The vine can grow 12' long and has a high tolerance for heat. Young leafy shoots can also be harvested. Widely grown in Japan and other tropical Asian countries.

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Kitazawa Ant Hybrid Bitter Melon Seeds
Bitter Gourd is also known as Bitter Melon, Karella, and Balsam Pear. This small bitter melon is common in Thailand and India. It is an early producer and is notable for its disease resistance. The skin of these uniform 3-4" fruits is dark green and covered with pointy warts. It does best in a warm climate with some humidity.

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Kitazawa Bitter Gourd Long Bitter Melon Seeds
This Japanese variety bitter gourd has green heavily warted skin and best flavor when harvested young at 10-13". The fruits are crisp and tender. The climbing vine can reach 12' and has yellow flowers. Bitter gourd prefers a warm climate and some humidity.

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Kitazawa India Bitter Gourd Seeds
Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon, karella and balsam pear. The dark green skin of this hybrid’s 6-8" fruits are heavily warted. The spindle shaped melons taper at both ends, and overall they are narrower than a Chinese bitter melon. Growers prefer this variety for its early maturity and long-lasting, generous yield.

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Kitazawa Deva Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds
This high yielding hybrid is vigorous and disease tolerant. The fruit is green, grows up to 12" long and can weigh up to a pound or more. Flesh is crisp, tender and popular in Indian cuisine.

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Kitazawa Tai Guo Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds
This vigorous, prolific, early maturing hybrid produces large, glossy light green fruit that grow to 11" in length and weigh 1 to 1.3 lbs. It has a delicious bitter flavor that is popular in Chinese cuisine.

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Kitazawa Green Bitter Gourd Seeds
This bitter gourd produces a generous crop of large, heavy and uniform fruits with distinctive vertically scored, shiny and warty green skin. Among the most bitter of vegetables, the flesh of the bitter gourd is crunchy and juicy, somewhat like a cucumber in texture.

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Kitazawa Mara Bitter Gourd Seeds
Vigorous and disease tolerant, this open pollinated variety produces large, cylindrical, glossy green fruit that grow to 3" in diameter, 11" long, and weigh about a pound. Popular in Chinese cuisine.

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Kitazawa Katsura Giant Pickling Melon Seeds
This light green, oval-shaped melon, oshiro uri, is very popular in Japan and is best suited for pickling. The fruits have crisp white flesh and can reach 14" long and 4-5" in diameter. The plant has a vine growth habit. Promote lateral branching and hand pollination may be necessary.

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Kitazawa Green Striped Pickling Melon Seeds
This dark green striped melon, "ao shima uri", has thick, white flesh and is mainly used for pickling. The Japanese pickle these melons in white bean paste, which takes only a week until they are ready. Can also be cooked and eaten as a vegetable and goes well with seafood.

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Kitazawa Numane Pickling Melon Seeds
This Japanese pickling melon, known also as oshiro uri, has light green skin that turns almost white when mature. The melon grows to 12" long and looks like a fat cucumber. This variety thrives in cool areas. Especially ideal for pickling, these melons can also be stuffed or stir-fried with beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. Young fruit is tasty eaten raw as you would a cucumber.

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