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Melon - Heirloom - Crenshaw
Weighing about 6 pounds, Crenshaw Melon has a smooth yellow-green skin with a pale green or salmon flesh. Crenshaw is a hybrid cross between the casaba and cantaloupe. The fruit's flesh is extra sweet and juicy with a sweet spicy aroma.

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Organic Melon Crenshaw
Good quality Crenshaw melons will be fairly large and firm. This is a hybrid melon with very sweet, juicy orange flesh. As with all melons, they prefer warm weather and full sun. This melon is a cross between Persian and Casaba melons. Outer skin has a slightly waxy feel when ripe.

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Seed Savers Crane Melon Seeds
 Introduced in the 1920s by Oliver Crane whose family has farmed for six generations near Santa Rosa, California. Pear-shaped Crenshaw-type fruits grow 3-5 pounds. Yellow-green skin covered in dark green freckles; ready for picking when the freckles turn orange. Light orange flesh, great sweet flavor. 75-85 days.

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