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Honeyman Farms: Mixed Flower Seeds: Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden Seeds
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Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Mix
This mix contains a special blend of wildflower seeds designed to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

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"Bring Home the Butterflies" Mixed Seeds
It's easy to convert your garden into a private retreat for native butterflies with this colorful mix of 26 different annuals and perennials to provide for them at each stage of their lifecycle.

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"Hummingbird Haven" Mixed Seeds
Calling all hummingbirds! If this mix of showy, bright blooms doesn't catch their attention, they haven't arrived in your town yet.

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"Songbird Mix" Mixed Seeds
Songbird Mix will attract a flurry of feathered friends to your garden! This premium mix of annuals and perennials has colorful flowers and grain plants with plump seed heads that provide year-round garden interest and a fall-through-winter feast for songbirds.

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Butterfly Mixture (A)
Blooms and butterfiles! Butterfly Mix is a wonderful way to enhance a garden or a slope in your hard. Low maintenance and easy to grow.

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Livingston Seed Co. Wildflower Butterfly Mix - Plus Pack
Blooms and butterfiles! Butterfly Mix is a wonderful way to enhance a garden or a slope in your hard. Low maintenance and easy to grow.

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Ferry-Morse 1942 Wildflower Seeds, Birds And Butterfly Mixture (2 Gram Packet)
Annuals and Perennials. A delightful mix of wildflowers! Carefully selected and designed to produce a spectrum of color and naturalized beauty throughout all the growing season. The annuals will bloom the first year; the perennials will generally bloom the second. This packet will plant approximately 27 square feet.

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Aimers 3183 Butterfly Meadow Sweet Temptation Mix Seed Packet
Mix of annual and perennial garden flowers, specially formulated to lure butterflies to your garden.  Bright colored blooms, filled with sweet nectar offer both food and shelter to summer visitors.  Although plants vary in height, they grow together to create a beautiful garden.  Packet plants 75 sq. ft.

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