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Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Mix
This mix contains a special blend of wildflower seeds designed to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

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All Season Color Mix (A)
A rainbow of color formulated for outdoor beauty and indoor enjoyment. Crimson Clover, Baby's Breath, Zinnia California Giant, Bachelor Button, Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Calendula, Aster, Sensation Mix, Larkspur, Gloriosa Daisy, Marigold, Godetia, Mountain Garland, Indian Blanket, Bishop's Flower, and Shirley Poppy.

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Burpee 44073 Mixed Flowers Heralds of Spring Seed Packet
24% of Myosotis; 14% of Lubularia; 12% of Clarkia; 9% each of Eschscholzia & Gaillardia; 8% of Helichrysum; 7% of Dianthus; 5% of Iberis; and less than 5% each of Phaecelia, Centaurea, Gypsophila & Calendula. Annual. Blooms in summer to fall.

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Burpee 40965 Mixed Flowers Rainbow Colors Seed Packet
Mixture includes 20% each of Calendula, Cornflower, Cosmos, and Crimson Clover; 15% of Annual Baby's Breath and 5% of Gloriosa Daisy.

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Honeyman Farms Shady Mix Wildflowers Packet
This mix of wildflowers is specially formulated to thrive in the shady areas of your garden. Bursts with color and natural beauty in places that other plants might not enjoy.

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Kitazawa Honey Bee Mix Wildflower Seeds
This mixture is a custom blend of nectar- and pollen-producing flowers that attract honey bees. Comprised of edible herbs, it includes borage, chives, sage, basil, lemon mint, catnip, sweet marjoram, oregano and creeping thyme.

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Kitazawa Edible Flower Mix Seeds
Fragrant, colorful and flavorful addition to the garden, the Edible Flower Mixture includes: Borage, with a cucumber-like flavor; Cilantro, with its tangy, fresh flavor and aroma; Nasturium, whose bright yellow, orange and red blooms have a spicy, pepper-like flavor; Calendula, which has a yellow-orange flower and a mild, peppery flavor; Cornflower, with its bright blue flower and mild taste; Dianthus ‘Wee Willie,’ a tiny pink flower with a clove-like flavor; onion-flavored Chives; Lemon Mint, which has a strong mint flavor; Pansy and Johnny Jump-Up, both with brightly colored flowers with a mild, slightly sweet flavor; licorice-flavored Lavender Hyssop; and English Daisy, also a lovely flower with a sweet, mild flavor.

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