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Squash - Yellow Scallop Bush
A pleasant spin on the old American heirloom white scallop variety. Yellow Scallop has never been as well known as its white cousin, but it is just as enjoyable. Vigorous bush plants are good for both the garden and containers and produce beautiful golden yellow squash. Fruit has a distinct mellow, nutty flavor.

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Squash Early White Bush Scallop (Summer)
Closed bush type plants produce white skinned patty pan type fruits. Circular 3" deep and 4-9" in diameter, slightly flattened with distinctly scalloped edges. Most popular in the eastern home garden.

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Squash -White Bush Scallop/Patty Pan (S)
Juicy and delicious. White Bush Scallop Patty Pan Squash is a bush-type summer variety. A scalloped, pie-shaped fruit, 4-5" in diameter. The creamy white rind turns chalky white at maturity. Fine-grained flesh is thick, tender, green-tinged with white. Very prolific.

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Ferry-Morse Seeds 1371 Squash - Early Bush Scallop White
One of the best white summer squashes - deliciously mild! Bush-type plants produce tender fruits that are best when 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Low in calories and a good source of vitamin A. This packet will plant approximately 8 hills.

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Seed Savers Organic Patisson Panache Jaune et Verte Squash Seeds
(aka Variegated Scallop, Yellow and Green) Sent to SSE by French member Bruno Defay. Creamy white scallop squash with green stripes, borne on bush plants with high yields. Good eating qualities when young, rock-hard ornamental when fully mature. 55-70 days.

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Seed Savers Organic Patisson Panache Vert et Blanc Squash Seeds
 (aka Variegated Scallop, Green and White) French heirloom that was listed by Vilmorin in the 1800s. Excellent eaten young when fruits are sea foam green; dark green stripes appear as they continue to mature. Keep picked clean for best yields. 60-70 days.

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