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Livingston Seed Co.: Squash Seeds: Hubbard Squash Seeds
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Squash - Blue Hubbard
A sweet tasting squash that offers dark orange flesh of superior quality. These large blue-green fruits are incredibly versatile whether decorating, baking or freezing. Pick when the stem can be cracked.

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Squash - Hubbard Improved Green (W)
Green Hubbard Squash is an outstanding winter squash. The sweet, thick flesh has excellent taste baked, steamed, broiled or mashed. Because this is a larger squash, it can be hollowed out and used as a soup tureen.

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Squash Improved Warted Hubbard (Winter)
Most widely grown of any winter squash and one of the best. Fruits are large, heavy, moderately warted, very hard shelled and dark green in color. Thick, bright yellow, richly flavored flesh. After shelling, boil flesh and mash like potatoes.

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Ferry-Morse 1970 Squash Seeds, Golden Hubbard
This winter squash is a must in all gardens! Though slightly warted, this fruit is orange with tan strips and has a very sweet tasting flesh. Each fruit will get about 10 pounds, slightly smaller than most hubbards. Adds an exciting touch to your fall decorations.

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Seed Savers Organic Anna Swartz Hubbard Squash Seeds
Family heirloom given to Anna Swartz by a friend in the 1950s; introduced commercially by SSE in 1999. Anna loved this variety because of its extremely hard shell and excellent storage ability. High quality flesh is the color of a sweet potato and has similar flavor. Fruits weigh 5-8 pounds. 90-100 days.

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Seed Savers Golden Hubbard Squash Seeds
 (aka Golden Warted Hubbard, Red Hubbard) Introduced by D. M. Ferry in 1898 but attributed to J.J. Harrison of Storrs & Harrison Co. of Painesville, Ohio. Starchy, nutty, fine-grained flesh—good for baking and roasting. Fruits are 8-12 pounds and store well. An all-time American favorite. 90-100 days.

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Kitazawa Uchiki Kuri Winter Squash Seeds
This is an improved Hubbard-type squash with orange-red rind, creamy yellow, thick flesh that is very sweet and nutty flavored.. Bred in Japan, this winter squash is popular braised in dashi stock, or for a Thai dish, braised in coconut milk.

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