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Kitazawa: Squash Seeds: Kabocha Squash Seeds
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Kitazawa Delica Ebisu Winter Squash Seeds
A hybrid that is the best-selling "ebisu" type in Japan. Fruits are flattened globes with dark-green skin. The very sweet yellow flesh has a nutty taste. This variety stores particularly well and will keep for months as long as it is kept dry and puncture-free.

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Kitazawa Hokkori 133 Hybrid Winter Squash Seeds
This winter squash hybrid offers the high-productivity of Delica variety with the high-quality nutty flavor and dry, powdery texture of the Hokkori variety. A very vigorous grower, the slightly flattened globe-shaped fruit have the characteristic black-green skin and sweet tasting orange-yellow flesh of a Japanese pumpkin. 

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Kitazawa Tetsukabuto Winter Squash Seeds
This Japanese winter squash hybrid produces nearly round fruit. Fruit weigh between 4.4 to 5.5 lbs. Under the dark black-green mottled skin, the firm flesh is a deep yellow-orange color with an excellent sweet, nutty flavor. This vine grower does require pollination and also may be used as a rootstock for grafting watermelon, melon and cucumber to prevent diseases. Tetsukabuto squash store well and are very popular for use in stir fry or tempura.

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Kitazawa Blue Kuri Winter Squash Seeds
A traditional open pollinated Japanese kabocha squash that has globe-shaped fruit with blue-green skin. The flesh is thick, yellow and very sweet. Fruit matures to 2-3 lbs and is 6-8" in diameter. The plant has a vine growth habit.

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Kitazawa Chirimen Winter Squash Seeds
Chirimen is a traditional kabocha squash, dento yasai, of Japan. This tasty variety of Japanese pumpkin forms a flat globe with distinct ribs and warts (resembles cauliflower) that can reach 8" in diameter. The dark green skin matures to a buff color. Creamy yellow, moist thick flesh has a sweet and nutty flavor.

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Kitazawa Super Delite Winter Squash Seeds
This easy-to-grow Japanese hybrid pumpkin has dark green skin with dry, sweet and fiberless flesh, with good fruit-setting ability. The globe-shaped fruit can reach 8" in diameter.

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Kitazawa Hokkori Hybrid Winter Squash Seeds
One of the best tasting kabocha squashes, this ebisu type is very popular in the Tokyo region. The globe shaped 3-3.5 lbs. fruits have dry and sweet deep-yellow flesh with dark green skin. Each vine yields 3-4 very uniform fruits. Has good shelf life.

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Kitazawa Shishigatani Winter Squash Seeds
Since the Edo period of the early 1800s, this special Japanese pumpkin is one of the kyo yasai, or traditional vegetables in the Kyoto region. This kabocha squash is used in shojin ryori, a type of vegetarian cooking prepared by Buddhist priests. The fruit skin is distinctly ribbed and warted and ripe when the skin turns light brown. The flesh is a delicate light yellow color.

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Kitazawa Akehime Winter Squash Seeds
This bright orange baby-sized or one serving kabocha squash weighs about 1 lb. when ripe and is perfect for stuffing. When cooked, the bright orange flesh is very sweet and powdery-soft. Its flavor is like a cross between sweet potato and pumpkin.

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Kitazawa Sweet Mama Winter Squash Seeds
This Japanese kabocha squash is an All American Selections Winner. It has a distinct growing habit and produces a vine with almost no side branches. The 3-4 lb fruits have dark green skin and are borne close to the root end making it possible to interplant these vines quite closely. The flesh is dark yellow, dry, sweet and nutty.

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Kitazawa Kogiku Winter Squash Seeds
An early maturing and disease resistant high producer, this large Japanese pumpkin has uniform 2 lb. fruits. Dark, textured, shiny green skin with 17 to 20 slits, covers flavorful and sweet, dark yellow flesh. Popular with Japanese caterers, professional chefs, and the gourmet food industry.

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Kitazawa Kurinishiki Winter Squash Seeds
This winter squash hybrid produces uniform dark green fruit with vertical light green stripes and marks. The fruits are medium-sized weighing over 3 lbs that are globe-shaped and somewhat flat with a small seed cavity. The flesh is bright yellow orange, sweet and tasty. Its uniformity, vigorous growth and excellent flavor make Kurinishiki the leading kabocha squash grown in the United States, Mexico and South America and exported to Japan.

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