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Fairy Garden Kit with Fairy Dust, Garden Box, Birdbath, Arbor, Wheelbarrow and Path Stones
A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden complete with structures and actual living plants. It is designed to lure fairies and with them, good luck, to your home. It's a tiny space created and tended with love. The design and components are limited only by your imagination and the fairies encourage you to be extra-creative in crafting the perfect abode.

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Georgetown Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Accessories Set
Miniature accessories for fairy gardens.

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Echo Valley Gnome Garden Starter Accessory Kit
Turn any planter into a gnome land with these garden starter kits. Gnome Garden Kit includes a gnome figurine, 36" roll fence, wire arbor, chair, birdbath, wheelbarrow, shovel and birdhouse.

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Echo Valley Fairy Garden Starter Accessory Kit
Turn any planter into a fairy land with the garden fairy kit. Fairy Garden Kit includes a fairy figurine, 36” roll fence, wire arbor, birdbath, wire bench, watering can and “welcome” sign.

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