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Botanical Interests "Perennial Blend" Sweet Pea Seeds

Perennial to USDA zone 3. Blooms in spring. Full sun. 6' - 9' vines with 'winged' stems. Flower colors range from purplish pink to purplish red, Perennial Sweet Peas, have slightly smaller flowers (1.5) than annual Sweet Peas, but their charming reappearance each spring more than makes up for petite size. An excellent solution for those of us gardeners that tend to forget to plant annual Sweet Peas early enough or have trouble getting outdoors in early spring to plant due to weather conditions. Perennial Sweet Peas are also known as 'Everlasting Peas'. Note that in some climates, they are very prolific and must be watched to make sure that they don't 'escape' from the garden. Perennial Sweet Peas are quite drought tolerant when established. Like all Sweet Peas, they stop blooming when the weather warms up - Removing all spent stalks and blooms immediately after they are done blooming will prolong the bloom period into summer. Before planting, prepare your sight well. Choose a sunny, cool spot away from winds and heat-absorbing materials like brick and stone. A 1' - 2' deep bed that has been amended with compost or peat is ideal with the pH ranging from alkaline to neutral. Please note that Sweet Peas are inedible and poisonous.

When to plant outside: In cold climates, sow in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. This means St. Patrick's Day or earlier. In warm climates, sow October through January for early spring bloom.

When to start inside: Sow 4-6 weeks before planting outside (see above).

Special Germination Instructions: Seed requires scarification, a process that helps to break the hard seed coat. Soak in water for 24 hours before planting or roll on sandpaper to slightly nick the outer surface.

(To view a commonly asked question about growing sweet peas, click here.). "

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