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Botanical Interests "Indian Peace Pipe" Nicotiana Seeds

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Annual. Blooms mid to late summer until fall's first frost. 4'-5' tall. Sun to light shade. Bold, dramatic plant with 3 trumpet-shaped hanging white flowers that exude an unbelievably sweet scent at night. Indian Peace Pipe's perfume is a magical addition to any moon garden that is enjoyed in the evenings along with other white flowers such as Sweet Alyssum, Candytuft, White Button Daisies, and Baby's Breath. Stout, multi-branched plant, but may require staking. Best grown in a protected position against a trellis or wall. Grow outside under windows, so scent can be enjoyed indoors! Nicotiana is a member of the nightshade family that includes tobacco, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and petunias. Although some members of this family are edible, Nicotiana isn't due to its hazardous alkaloids. However, you can make a nice aphid-controlling tea by steeping the leaves overnight in water. Tender perennial in very mild climates. Very easy to grow from seed.

When to plant outside: Seed directly outside after all danger of frost has passed.

When to start inside: Sow 4-6 weeks before average last spring frost. Transplant outside after all danger of frost has passed.

Special Germination Instructions: Seed requires light to germinate - press lightly into soil surface and keep moist.

2009 is the year of Nicotiana. To visit a fact sheet from the National Garden Bureau, 2009 is the year of Nicotiana. To visit a fact sheet from the National Garden Bureau, click here. "

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