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Botanical Interests "Russell Blend" Lupine Seeds

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Perennial to USDA zones 3 (short-lived: replant in 2-3 years). Blooms in late spring. 3'-4' tall. Full sun. Beautiful tall flower spikes of white, yellow, pink, orange, red, salmon, lavender, blue, purple, and bicolors. Foliage is also attractive. With its wonderful range of colors, Lupine Russell Blend is quite dramatic when planted in groups. Also looks good scattered in the garden or as a focal point in a spring flowerbed. Blossoms have a honey like scent. Can be planted in the fall and grown as an annual in warm climates. Blooms for 2-4 weeks (June in temperate climates, earlier in warm climates.) Likes cool, well-drained, slightly acidic conditions. Keep well watered. \After viewing a large meadow of Lupine in New Zealand, I thought I would never see anything more beautiful." - Curtis Jones, President of Botanical Interests, Inc.

When to plant outside: Sow in spring after average last frost. (Or in the fall in warm climates.)

When to start inside: Sow 8 weeks before last average frost. Lupine doesn't like to be transplanted. Sow in peat pots and plant directly into the ground without disturbing roots.

Special Germination Instructions: Requires scarification, a process that helps break the hard seed coat. Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting or lightly roll seeds on sand paper to nick the hard seed coat. Be patient with seed. Germination usually takes 15-25 days, but may take as long as 4-5 weeks. Your wait will be well rewarded!"

Starting At: $1.99

Product Code: 1025
Variety: Lupine Russell Blend Seed
Genus: Lupinus
Species: Russel Mix
Variety/Cultivar: Russell Mix
Type: P
Min Height: 36
Max Height: 48
Bloom Period: Summer
Exposure: Full sun
Late Summer/Fall Sowing: 8-10 weeks before fall frost
Flower Color: Wide range of colors.
Cut Flower: yes
Fragrant: yes
Pink/Rose: yes
Purple: yes
Lavender/Blue: yes
Orange/Red: yes
Yellow: yes
White: yes
Manufacturer's Code: 1025
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