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Botanical Interests "Dwarf Ten Week" Stock Seeds

Annual. Blooms in cool of spring and fall. 12" tall. Sun or light shade. Spicy-sweet fragrant dwarf flower spikes of mostly double flowers in shades of rose, white, pink, cream, red blue, and purple. A cottage gardener's delight, Dwarf Ten Week Stock is one of the few outdoor flowering plants that can be brought indoors to bloom. It is also popular to plant it outside near a window to enjoy its sweet fragrance. Stock loves cool weather - it blooms in the spring, stops blooming in the heat of summer, then begins blooming again in the fall. In cool climates, it may bloom all the way through the summer. If planted in the fall in warm climates, it will begin bloom from late winter to spring. Prefers rich, moist soil that is not soggy. Does best in raised beds or pots in areas with heavy moisture. To bring indoors, grow in the full sun of a south window. Nighttime temperatures should cool off to 50 degrees. OUTDOORS: Sow in spring after average last frost for spring and fall color. In USDA zone 9 and warmer, sow in fall for winter/spring color. INSIDE: Sow 8-10 weeks before average last frost. This method is recommended, as the bigger the plant is when transplanted outside, the more cool days there will be for it to bloom. Transplant outside 2 weeks before last frost. SPECIAL GERMINATION INSTRUCTIONS: requires light to germinate - press lightly into soil surface and keep moist."

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