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Botanical Interests "Virginian" Stock Seeds

Annual. Blooms in summer. 6 - 12" tall. Sun or light shade. 3/4" wide flowers in loose clusters in colors ranging from pink, white, reddish, and lavender shades. There is no better bulb cover! 'Virginian Stock' has dainty, sweetly fragrant flowers that provide excellent cover for fading flower bulb foliage in spring. Plant in masses for best effect. This Stock is also perfect for scattering into paving crevices, nooks and crannies, rock walls, and borders. A cool weather lover, it will bloom for 4 - 6 weeks after sowing in spring. Virginian Stock is not picky about soil, but it does best in rich, organic soil and full sun. It will die out as temperatures heat up in summer. Sow seed every 4-6 weeks for continual bloom most of the season (except during the very hot parts of the summer). It can reseed itself, but only if the soils are disturbed very little. For insurance, it's best to reseed yourself each spring.

When to plant outside: Sow in early spring, 2-4 weeks before average last day of frost. For blooms throughout the growing season, sow every 4 weeks. In mild winter climates, sow in fall for early spring bloom.

When to start inside: Best sown directly outdoors where plants are desired.

Special Germination Instructions: Germinates best in cool weather and cool soils, and when seed is just barely covered with soil. "

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