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Botanical Interests Organic Cilantro / Coriander Seeds - Large Packet


Annual. The foliage (cilantro) and the seeds (coriander) of this herb are widely used throughout the world. Fresh cilantro has an intense, tangy flavor that balances well with other strong-flavored ingredients. Also called 'Chinese Parsley', it is an essential ingredient in many dishes, including Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian, and Latin American recipes. It has a thousand uses from as simple as a sprig in chicken soup (tasty!) to chopped in Mexican food. Dried crushed coriander seeds add a spicy, nutty, citrus-y flavor to pickling spice, curry and chili powders, salads, eggs, pastries and breads. Santo is a slow-bolting variety. It won't flower and go to seed as quickly as other varieties when hot weather approaches. It is a good container variety. You can also grow it indoors in a sunny window in the winter for fresh leaves. This packet plants thirteen 10-foot rows.

When to plant outside: Spring, after the average last day of frost. Successive plantings every 3 weeks until 4 weeks before first fall frost.

When to start inside: Not recommended. It does not transplant very well. (If you do want to try starting inside, sow in peat pots that can be directly moved into the ground without disturbing roots.)

Special Germination Instructions: Easy to grow. Seed required darkness to germinate. Plant at recommended depth of ď°?ď°?. If sowing directly outdoors, note that the long taproot does not transplant well, so sow it where you are sure you want it to be for the season.

Harvesting: Foliage can be harvested anytime. The seeds (coriander), should be harvested after they begin to turn brown and when outer coat cracks, but before they drop off the plant and scatter. Cut stem and place in a brown paper sack to collect the seeds. Rubbing the seeds will cause the outer shell to drop off.

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