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Botanical Interests "Dolce Vita Blend" Organic Basil Seeds

Delight your senses with this custom organic mix of six distinctive basils to fill the garden and kitchen recipes with colors, flavors, and scents.
Cinnamon This sweet basil is 26-30" tall with cinnamon fragrance and flavor. It makes a nice addition to fruit salad, can be used in making jelly, and looks pretty in fresh and dried floral arrangements.
Genovese - An 18" tall, large leaf green basil with spicy flavor and fragrance from the Genoa area of Italy, pesto capital of the world. This is the true Italian pesto basil.
Tall Lemon - Strong lemon fragrance and flavor. 18" tall plants have nice for flavoring vinegars and dishes with a lemon base.
Lime - Sweet lime aroma with citrus flavor for memorable flavored oils and sauces. The 18" tall plants can be used in desserts such as a delicious lime basil sorbet
Mammoth - An 18" tall, Italian lettuce-leaf type with generous, extra large ruffled leaves. The flavor is slightly more intense than Genovese for those who love a very flavorful pesto or sauce.
Purple Petra - A purple-leaved basil with mild, sweet flavor that's just right for pesto, pasta, and salad. The 24" tall plants are a beautiful addition to any garden. It also makes a lovely pink-colored vinegar.

When to plant outside: Spring, 1-2 weeks after average last frost date and when soils are warm.

When to start inside: 6-8 weeks before transplanting outside.

Special Germination Instructions: Easy to grow from seed. Must have warm soil temperatures. Wait to plant until nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees.

Sucessive Plantings Recommended. Every 3 or 4 weeks after initial planting.

Harvesting Basil leaves should be harvested before the plant flowers. The young, top leaves taste the best and should be used fresh. The older leaves may be used for vinegar and pesto. To harvest most of the plant, cut the main stem, leaving at least 3 pairs of leaves near the ground. Plant will regrow and produce additional leaves. (You can prolong the harvest period by pinching off flower buds to maintain flavor.) If there is any chance of temperatures dropping to 32 degrees, harvest crop immediately. The best time to harvest any herb is in the morning, after the dew dries, but before it gets too warm. Alternatively, you could harvest in the early evening.

(For additional information about basil including a great pesto recipe, click here.). "

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