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Botanical Interests "Envy" Zinnia Seeds

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Annual. Blooms summer to fall frost. 2' - 3' tall. Full sun. Large 3 - 4" chartreuse flowers. Imagine Envy's attention-getting unique color in your garden! Some people call them green flowers, but they are really an unusual bright yellowish-green shade that looks incredible when nestled with contrasting pink or magenta flowers such as petunias or Cherry Rose Jewel Nasturtiums. The chartreuse flowers make an excellent conversation piece and are a great hostess touch when used to decorate platters of home-grown tomatoes or watermelon! For long hot summers, nothing beats Zinnias for brilliant color and a long blooming period. They are drought tolerant and excellent massed in flowerbeds or in containers. Zinnias are very easy to grow, but may be susceptible to mildew in humid climates. Making sure that sprinklers do not hit them overnight or in the early morning will help prevent mildew. In all climates, it is preferable to water by soaking the ground (not from overhead) to keep leaves dry. Zinnias are a low-maintenance plant, but deadheading will extend the blooming period. Some gardeners recommend that tall flowering varieties be topped when young plants have produced 3 pairs of leaves. This will encourage basal branching and bushy plants. Zinnias are delightful as a fresh or dried cut flower and attract butterflies!

When to plant outside: RECOMMENDED. Sow in late spring 2 weeks after average last frost date. (Zinnias do not benefit from being planted early. Sow outside after weather is warm.)

When to start inside: Sow 6 weeks before average last spring frost. However, Zinnias do not transplant well. Best to start outside directly in the ground. "

Starting At: $1.89

Product Code: 1102
Variety: Compass Plant Seed
Variety: Zinnia Envy Seed
Genus: Silphium
Genus: Zinnia
Species: laciniatum
Species: elegans
Variety/Cultivar: ---
Variety/Cultivar: Envy
Type: A
Min Height: 24
Max Height: 36
Bloom Period: "Summer, Fall"
Exposure: Full sun
Late Summer/Fall Sowing: Not recommended
Flower Color: yellow
Flower Color: Chartreuse
Cut Flower: yes
Dried Flower: yes
Container: yes
Deer Res: yes
Bird & Butterfly: yes
Bird & Butterfly: yes
Manufacturer's Code: 1102
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1 or more: $1.89
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