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Botanical Interests "Liquid Sunshine" Organic Wheatgrass Seeds - Large Packet


Often called, "Liquid Sunshine", wheatgrass juice is considered to be one of the most nutritious foods available to humans. Just six ounces of wheatgrass juice, an extract of wheatgrass seedlings, can supply the vitamin and mineral needs of an adult! Wheatgrass can also be sprouted to make raw wheat berry sprouts, and pots of fresh wheatgrass make beautiful centerpieces or decorations around the home. Best of all, wheatgrass can be grown at any time of year.

Growing for Juice: Simply sow the seeds into flats of soil and grow either under fluorescent lights (2?-3? away from the lights), in a very bright window, or outside. Shoot s should be harvested when they are about 7 days old and can then be made into juice in a wheatgrass juicing machine. (Do not attempt to make juice in an ordinary juicer. The grass blades will burn out and clog these machines.)

Sprouting: Wheatgrass seeds (also called wheat berries) can also be eaten as young sprouts. Soak seeds in water for 6-12 hours in a seed sprouting jar, drain, and then rinse 2-3 times daily for 2-3 days. The sprouted seeds can then be used in salads, or ground into dough to use for dehydrated ?raw? cookies and pastries.

Interior Decorating: Even if you aren?t into the health benefits of wheatgrass, there are many ornamental uses for wheatgrass. The fresh, uniform green foliage of wheatgrass in beautiful pots is a unique, stunning addition to any table sitting or special occasion. For example, Easter Eggs nestled in the grass makes a wonderful Easter feast centerpiece. Fresh pots of wheatgrass around the house are almost as good as fresh pesto in the dead of winter to give you hope that spring will arrive! Many interior designers like to place fresh pots of wheatgrass (in lieu of cut flowers) on mantles, end tables, or shelves for a truly fresh and upscale look in any room.

(Although cats can eat Wheatgrass, we highly recommend choosing our Catgrass instead. It is a special kind of oats with a smooth blade that is easier for cats to keep down and digest.

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