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Honeyman Farms - An Interesting Place

We live in a marketplace today that is unlike anything in history. Big box stores give us a plentiful supply of mainstream products - and people are discovering that the internet can provide access to almost everything else.

But let's face it, shopping online is not quite the experience that in-person shopping is. There is nothing like the instant gratification of discovering a "new toy" and taking it home with you in minutes. It's fun to browse. It's fun to wander the aisles. In fact, there was a time when the shopping world was turned upside down when shop keepers realized that customers wanted to grab their own stuff instead of telling the attendant what they were looking for.

Our business model is the exact opposite of most stores. Rather than paying the bills with our retail store and dabbling on the web, we have built our business as a high-volume specialty online gardening store, and we are opening that internet store to the public for "the love of the game". I don't want Chicagoland residents to have to pay shipping charges and wait days for their products if they'd rather stop by!

At Honeyman Farms, we are in the process of creating "an experience" to serve as the backdrop of our store. Our store is not in a strip mall or massive parking lot - we have a 23 acre farm here, and we want to keep it that way. I like my cicadias and crickets. I like how the wind blows my hammock underneath that old maple tree. And we're ok to share our buildings with a few barn swallows. I will not compromise the feel of this place for a few extra bucks. So as you visit, please pardon any lack of conveniences you may have come to expect from a retail store - but please do budget a few extra minutes to sit at one of our tables to drink up the atmosphere and get a few ideas about your own at home gardening paradise.

We look forward to meeting you.


The Wilsons

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